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remediation the act or process of providing remedial aid for (a learning disability or the like).
remediless that cannot be remedied.
remedy a medicine or therapy designed to heal a disease or disorder. [5 definitions]
remelt combined form of melt.
remember to call to mind from memory; recall. [7 definitions]
rememberable combined form of remember.
remembrance the act or process of remembering. [5 definitions]
Remembrance Day in Canada, November 11, a legal holiday honoring the war dead, particularly soldiers killed in World Wars I and II. [2 definitions]
remembrancer something or someone that causes one to remember; reminder.
Remembrance Sunday see "Remembrance Day."
remerge combined form of merge.
remigration combined form of migration.
remilitarization combined form of militarization.
remilitarize combined form of militarize.
remind to cause (someone) to recall something. [2 definitions]
reminder something that causes a person to remember something.
remindful having in mind or remembering. [2 definitions]
reminisce to recall past experiences, often with fondness or pleasure.
reminiscence the act of recalling usu. pleasant experiences or events of the past. [3 definitions]
reminiscent having qualities or characteristics that remind one of someone or something (usu. fol. by "of"). [2 definitions]
remiss careless or negligent, esp. in the performance of one's duty. [2 definitions]