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remorseful filled with remorse. [2 definitions]
remorseless having or showing no mercy, compassion or remorse; pitiless.
remote at a far distance in space or time. [7 definitions]
remote control control of an object, such as an aircraft, missiles, and the like, from a distance, as by radio signals. [2 definitions]
remotivate combined form of motivate.
remotivation combined form of motivation.
rémoulade a spiced cold sauce with a mayonnaise base, used as a dressing for salad, seafood, and the like.
remount to mount or climb again. [2 definitions]
removable able to be removed or detached, as a part.
removal the act or process of removing. [2 definitions]
remove to take away from a place or position. [11 definitions]
removeable combined form of remove.
removed physically or mentally remote; separated. [2 definitions]
REM sleep a recurrent phase of sleep, characterized by rapid side-to-side eye movement, dreaming, and inhibition of muscle movement.
remunerate to pay or compensate for services, goods, or losses. [2 definitions]
remuneration the act of paying, rewarding, or compensating. [2 definitions]
remunerative providing or likely to provide payment or reward; profitable.
Remus in Roman legend, the twin brother of Romulus, the founder of Rome.
remythologize combined form of mythologize.
renail combined form of nail.
renaissance a rebirth, renewal, or revival. [5 definitions]