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reorientation combined form of orientation.
reoutfit combined form of outfit.
reoxidation combined form of oxidation.
reoxidize combined form of oxidize.
Rep. abbreviation of "Representative," a person who speaks for a community or constituency.
rep1 a corded or ribbed fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or the like, used esp. for draperies and upholstery.
rep2 (informal) a representative, esp. of a business. [2 definitions]
rep3 short form of "repetition" (often used in connection with the carrying out of a specific physical exercise).
repackage to package again or in a different or more attractive way.
repaid past tense and past participle of repay.
repaint combined form of paint.
repair1 to restore to a sound state or condition following damage or injury. [6 definitions]
repair2 to go, as to another place. [2 definitions]
repairman a man whose occupation is making repairs.
reparable capable of being restored, repaired, or made good.
reparation the act or process of making amends for wrongdoing or injury. [3 definitions]
reparative pertaining to the act of repairing. [2 definitions]
repark combined form of park.
repartee a quick, clever reply; witty retort. [3 definitions]
repast a meal, or the food eaten at a meal.
repatch combined form of patch.