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reprice combined form of price.
reprieve to release (someone) temporarily or permanently from planned or impending punishment, pain, or difficulty. [4 definitions]
reprimand a strong, usu. formal statement of disapproval; rebuke. [2 definitions]
reprint to make another print or printing of; print again. [3 definitions]
reprisal injury inflicted in retaliation for injury received, as in war; revenge. [2 definitions]
reprise repetition of a musical phrase or theme in an identical or slightly altered way. [2 definitions]
repro see reproduction proof.
reproach to express disapproval of or disappointment with (someone); censure. [4 definitions]
reproachable combined form of reproach.
reproachful expressing or full of reproach or accusation.
reprobate an evil or lawless person, often beyond hope of redemption. [4 definitions]
reproduce to make a copy or duplicate of. [6 definitions]
reproduction the act or process of reproducing or state of being reproduced. [3 definitions]
reproduction proof a proof of type, an engraving, or the like, made for photographic reproduction, usu. on glossy paper.
reproductive of or relating to reproduction. [2 definitions]
reproof an act or statement of disapproval.
reprove to criticize, usu. mildly, for wrongdoing. [2 definitions]
reprovision combined form of provision.
reptile any of the class of vertebrate cold-blooded animals, including lizards, turtles, snakes, crocodiles, and the like, that breathe with lungs, are covered with scales or hard plates, and have short legs or none at all. [3 definitions]
reptilian of, concerning, resembling, or being a reptile. [3 definitions]
republic a state or nation where supreme political power is exercised by elected representatives acting in the name of the people. [3 definitions]