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re-search to search again.
researchable combined form of research.
researcher a person who engages in systematic scholarly investigation in order to gain knowledge or understanding or to solve a particular problem.
reseason combined form of season.
reseat to show to a new seat or seat again. [2 definitions]
resect to surgically remove (an organ, bone, or the like).
resectable combined form of resect.
resection the removal of part of a bone or other structure in surgery.
resecure combined form of secure.
resegregate combined form of segregate.
resegregation combined form of segregation.
resell combined form of sell.
reseller combined form of seller.
resemblance the state or fact of showing similarity or likeness. [2 definitions]
resemble to have a similar nature or have a likeness to.
resensitize combined form of sensitize.
resent to feel bitterness, displeasure, or indignation toward or about.
resentence combined form of sentence.
resentful feeling or displaying resentment.
resentment a bitterness, displeasure, or indignation resulting from perceived injury or wrong.
reserpine an alkaloid obtained from the root of the rauwolfia, used in the treatment of hypertension and as a tranquilizer.