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restress combined form of stress.
restrict to keep within limits; set bounds to; confine.
restricted limited or confined within a certain sphere. [2 definitions]
restriction something that limits, confines, or restricts. [2 definitions]
restrictionism the policy of supporting restriction or limitation, as of trade, immigration, use of land, or the like.
restrictive having the effect of restricting. [3 definitions]
restrictive covenant in an agreement or contract, a restriction on the action of one of the parties, esp. the prohibition, now illegal in the United States, of rental or sale of real estate to someone of a specified minority or ethnic group.
restroom a public bathroom.
restructure to change the structure or organization of. [2 definitions]
restudy combined form of study.
restuff combined form of stuff.
restyle combined form of style.
resubmission combined form of submission.
resubmit combined form of submit.
result to occur or happen as the outcome of action. [6 definitions]
resultant following as a conclusion or consequence. [3 definitions]
resultingly as a consequence.
resultless combined form of result.
résumé a summary. [2 definitions]
resume to start or go on with again after an interruption. [4 definitions]
resummon combined form of summon.