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reticulate resembling or forming a net or network. [4 definitions]
reticule a woman's small handbag or purse with a drawstring, originally made of netting. [2 definitions]
reticulum a netlike structure; network. [3 definitions]
retie combined form of tie.
retighten combined form of tighten.
retile combined form of tile.
retime combined form of time.
retina the light-sensitive lining at the back of the inner eyeball that receives images and transfers them to the optic nerve.
retinitis inflammation of the eye's retina.
retinitis pigmentosa an inherited, incurable disease of the eye in which the retina and optic nerve gradually deteriorate, resulting in total blindness.
retinol vitamin A.
retinopathy any disorder affecting the retina of the eye (used esp. in reference to noninflammatory disorders).
retinue a group of attendants or other employees who accompany a prominent person.
retire to cease work or active life. [7 definitions]
retired having ceased work or active service. [2 definitions]
retiree a person who has retired from or given up his or her occupation or business.
retirement the act of retiring. [5 definitions]
retiring modest, shy, or reserved.
retook past tense of retake.
retool to fit with new or different machinery; re-equip for a new purpose. [3 definitions]
retort1 to say or write (something) as an angry, witty, or argumentative reply. [5 definitions]