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retinue a group of attendants or other employees who accompany a prominent person.
retire to cease work or active life. [7 definitions]
retired having ceased work or active service. [2 definitions]
retiree a person who has retired from or given up his or her occupation or business.
retirement the act of retiring. [5 definitions]
retiring modest, shy, or reserved.
retook past tense of retake.
retool to fit with new or different machinery; re-equip for a new purpose. [3 definitions]
retort1 to say or write (something) as an angry, witty, or argumentative reply. [5 definitions]
retort2 a laboratory vessel that has a long, downturned neck and is used to distill or decompose substances by heat. [2 definitions]
retouch to make small improvements to, esp. with paint or the like. [3 definitions]
retrace to follow back, esp. to the starting point. [2 definitions]
re-trace to trace again (lines in writing, drawing, or the like).
retract to pull back in. [6 definitions]
retractable combined form of retract.
retractile able to be pulled back or in; retractable.
retraction the act of retracting, or the condition of being retracted. [2 definitions]
retractor a person or thing that retracts or draws back, such as a muscle that retracts an organ or part, or a surgical instrument that holds back the edge of an incision.
retrain combined form of train.
retransfer combined form of transfer.
retransform combined form of transform.