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retractor a person or thing that retracts or draws back, such as a muscle that retracts an organ or part, or a surgical instrument that holds back the edge of an incision.
retrain combined form of train.
retransfer combined form of transfer.
retransform combined form of transform.
retransformation combined form of transformation.
retransmission combined form of transmission.
retransmit combined form of transmit.
retread to replace the worn tread of (a tire). [2 definitions]
re-tread to tread again.
retreat the act of withdrawing from a place or situation. [8 definitions]
re-treat to treat again.
retrench to cut back on or reduce (expenses or scope of action). [2 definitions]
retrenchment the act of reducing expenses or scope of action.
retribution repayment for one's actions, esp. punishment for evil.
retrieval the act or process of retrieving or regaining. [2 definitions]
retrieve to bring or get back; regain; recover. [8 definitions]
retriever one of several breeds of dogs trained to retrieve wounded or killed game. [2 definitions]
retro1 a retrorocket.
retro2 designating or pertaining to an earlier style of hairdressing, clothing, or the like, that has been brought back.
retro- back; backward; behind.
retroactive going into operation or effect as of a previous date, or in respect to past events or circumstances.