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retroflexion the state or quality of being retroflex.
retrograde moving or tending to move in a backward direction; retreating. [4 definitions]
retrograde amnesia amnesia about events that occurred just before the onset of the amnesia.
retrogress to return to a former, usu. inferior condition; degenerate; revert.
retrorocket a small rocket engine mounted so that its direction of thrust is opposite to the direction of the main rocket, used for slowing down, changing direction, or the like.
retrorse turned backward or downward, as some petals.
retrospect reflection on the past or on past events or achievements.
retrospection the act, an instance, or the ability of reviewing past events. [2 definitions]
retrospective looking back on or thinking of the past. [3 definitions]
retroussť turned upward, as a nose.
retrovirus any of a group of related RNA viruses, such as those that cause leukemia and AIDS, in which a reversal of genetic transcription occurs, from RNA to DNA rather than from DNA to RNA.
retry combined form of try.
retsina a Greek wine with pine resin added to it.
retune combined form of tune.
return to go or come back, as to a previous place or circumstance. [23 definitions]
returnable capable of being returned, re-sold, or reused. [2 definitions]
return address the address of the person who sends a letter.
returnee a person who has returned, as from a trip, or to school after having stopped attending for a while.
return ticket (chiefly British) a ticket that allows a person to travel to a given destination and back to the starting point; round trip ticket.
retype combined form of type.
Reuben a hot sandwich made with rye bread filled with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and a dressing.