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return address the address of the person who sends a letter.
returnee a person who has returned, as from a trip, or to school after having stopped attending for a while.
return ticket (chiefly British) a ticket that allows a person to travel to a given destination and back to the starting point; round trip ticket.
retype combined form of type.
Reuben a hot sandwich made with rye bread filled with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and a dressing.
reunification the act or state of being united again.
reunify to unify again.
reunion a meeting of friends, family, or past associates after a period of separation. [2 definitions]
reunite to come or bring together again after a period of separation.
reupholster combined form of upholster.
reuptake in physiology, the reabsorption of a neurotransmitter by a neuron following transmission of a nerve impulse.
reusable capable of being used more than once.
reuse to use again or use more than once. [2 definitions]
reutilization combined form of utilization.
reutilize combined form of utilize.
Rev. abbreviation of "Reverend."
rev (informal) one revolution of an engine, shaft, or the like, or the sound made by this revolution. [5 definitions]
rev.1 abbreviation of "reverse" or "reversed."
rev.2 abbreviation of "revolution."
rev.3 abbreviation of "revise" or "revised."
revaccinate combined form of vaccinate.