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reusable capable of being used more than once.
reuse to use again or use more than once.
reutilization combined form of utilization.
reutilize combined form of utilize.
Rev. abbreviation of "Reverend."
rev (informal) one revolution of an engine, shaft, or the like, or the sound made by this revolution. [5 definitions]
rev.1 abbreviation of "reverse" or "reversed."
rev.2 abbreviation of "revolution."
rev.3 abbreviation of "revise" or "revised."
revaccinate combined form of vaccinate.
revaccination combined form of vaccination.
revalidate combined form of validate.
revalidation combined form of validation.
revalorization combined form of valorization.
revalorize combined form of valorize.
revaluate to make another valuation of.
revamp to change as if for a new beginning or direction; revise; renovate.
revanchism the policy of a nation to aggressively regain territories that have been lost.
reveal to disclose or make known. [2 definitions]
revealable combined form of reveal.
reveille a call sounded early in the morning to waken or alert people, esp. a bugle call for troops to assemble.