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right-to-work law a state law that forbids an employer from refusing employment to a person on the basis of his or her not being a union member.
right triangle a triangle in which two of the sides form a right angle.
rightward toward or on the right.
right whale any of several large whales lacking a dorsal fin, having a smooth throat, and having eyes set near the corners of the mouth.
right wing those within a political group who are the most conservative or reactionary. (Cf. left wing.)
rigid difficult or impossible to bend; not flexible; stiff. [4 definitions]
rigidify to make or become stiff or inflexible.
rigidity the state or quality of being stiff or difficult to bend. [3 definitions]
rigmarole a complicated, unnecessarily involved procedure or process. [2 definitions]
rigor strictness, severity, inflexibility, or harshness, as of manner, judgment, or law. [5 definitions]
rigor mortis the stiffening of the body muscles shortly after death.
rigorous showing strictness or sternness. [3 definitions]
Rig-Veda a collection of over one thousand Hindu hymns dating from the second century B.C.
rijsttafel an Indonesian meal in which a variety of fresh and cooked meats, seafood, vegetables, and condiments, each served in a separate dish, are added to a bed of rice.
rile to make angry; irritate or annoy. [2 definitions]
rill1 a small brook or creek.
rill2 any of numerous long narrow valleys or trenches on the moon's surface.
rillettes (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a meat or fish spread, esp. of pork, in which minced, seasoned bits are cooked, mashed, or shredded and then preserved in animal fat.
rim the outer edge or border of something, esp. something round or circular. [6 definitions]
rime1 variant of rhyme.
rime2 a white coating of tiny ice crystals; hoarfrost. [3 definitions]