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rimrock rock that forms a natural rim around the edge of a rise, as above a steep precipice.
rind a thick, firm, sometimes tough outer layer or covering, such as the skin of citrus fruits or melons or the outside of cheese.
rinderpest an acute, often fatal viral disease affecting cattle, and often sheep and goats, characterized by diarrhea and ulceration of the intestines.
ring1 the outer boundary of a circle; circular line or shape. [13 definitions]
ring2 to give out a clear, resonant sound. [17 definitions]
ring a bell to cause a response, such as a particular recollection.
ring-a-levio a children's game in which one team tries to find and capture members of the other team, who may, if not seen by the hunting team, free their teammates from a circle drawn on the ground.
ring and pin game a game, traditionally played by many American Indian tribes, in which a ring is attached by a string to a stick, or pin, and players attempt to swing the ring up and over the stick.
ringbolt a bolt with a ring through the eye at its head.
ringbone a pathological bony growth on the pastern bones of a horse's leg, which often causes lameness.
ringdove a European pigeon with white markings around the neck and on the tips of the wings. [2 definitions]
ringed marked by or having a ring or rings. [3 definitions]
ringent with the mouth open wide; gaping. [2 definitions]
ringer1 a person or thing that surrounds, esp. a horseshoe tossed over a stake in an outdoor game.
ringer2 a person or thing that rings or causes a bell to ring. [3 definitions]
ring finger the third finger of the hand, esp. the left hand, on which an engagement, wedding, or similar ring is traditionally worn.
ringgit the chief monetary unit of Malaysia, equaling one hundred sen.
ringhals a small African cobra that spits or squirts its venom at its target.
ringleader a person who leads a group, esp. in mischievous or illegal activities.
ringlet a curly lock of hair.
ringmaster one who directs performances in a ring, as at a circus.