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rock climbing the activity or sport of climbing sheer rock faces using special techniques, tools, and safety equipment such as ropes and harnesses.
Rock Cornish a hybrid chicken produced by mating White Rock and Cornish stock.
rock crystal clear, esp. colorless, quartz.
rock dove a European wild pigeon from which most common and domesticated pigeons are derived.
rocker one of the curved elements on the bottom of a chair, cradle, or other device to allow for rocking motion. [3 definitions]
rocker arm a pivoted lever or arm attached to a moving or stationary shaft, used to transfer a rocking or pushing motion, as in an automotive engine.
rocker panel any of the panels on the body and beneath the doors of an automotive vehicle.
rocket1 a tube propelled by the gases ejected from the rear that are the product of fuels or explosives ignited and burned inside the tube, used for fireworks, flares, and airborne weapons, and for launching spacecraft and missiles. [6 definitions]
rocket2 a plant found in Europe and Asia that has yellow-white flowers and edible leaves. [2 definitions]
rocket launcher a weapon that is carried by hand or mounted on a vehicle and fires rockets, or a vehicle designed to carry a battery of such weapons.
rocketry the science and technology of designing, building, and flying rockets.
rocket ship a spacecraft that is propelled by a rocket.
rockfish any of various fishes that live among coastal rocks, such as the striped bass or various groupers.
rock garden a garden established among rocks or provided with rocks that usu. contains alpine or other plants that grow well in rocky places.
rocking chair a chair mounted on rockers or springs that rock back and forth; rocker.
rocking horse a toy horse mounted on springs or rockers that is large enough for a child to ride; hobbyhorse.
rock-'n'-roll a form of popular music derived from rhythm-and-blues, with a strongly accented beat and usu. played on electronically amplified instruments, esp. guitars; rock. [2 definitions]
rock-ribbed characterized by rocky ridges or outcroppings. [2 definitions]
rock salt common salt in solid form, occurring in large irregular rocklike masses; natural sodium chloride.
rockshaft a machine shaft that oscillates or rocks back and forth on its bearings instead of revolving.
rock squirrel a gray, black-headed ground squirrel found in the rocky regions of the western United States and Mexico.