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Rosa Parks U.S. civil rights activist and icon, whose arrest in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, for refusing to obey segregation laws on a municipal bus inspired a wave of civil rights activism; born Rosa Louise McCauley (b.1913--d.2005).
rosary a prescribed series of prayers recited by Roman Catholics to the Virgin Mary. [3 definitions]
rosť a pale pink, light table wine made from red grapes from which the skins have been removed before fermentation is completed.
rose1 any of numerous wild or cultivated shrubs or vines that have compound leaves and usu. thorny stems and bear showy, usu. fragrant flowers composed of many petals. [7 definitions]
rose2 past tense of rise.
rose acacia a shrub found in the southern United States that has brittle, prickling branches and bears clusters of large, rose-colored flowers.
roseate suffused or tinged with a rose color; rosy. [2 definitions]
Roseau the capital of Dominica.
rose-breasted grosbeak a North American grosbeak, the male of which has a triangular, rosy patch on the breast.
rosebud the bud of a rose, or something resembling it.
rosebush a bush that bears roses.
rose chafer a long-legged gray beetle that feeds on and damages roses and other plants; rose bug; rose beetle.
rose-colored deep reddish pink; rosy. [2 definitions]
rose-colored glasses an optimistic or overly favorable attitude.
rose fever a form of hay fever that occurs in spring or early summer as an allergic reaction to rose pollen.
rose geranium any of several geraniums that bear small pink or rose-colored flowers and are grown for their fragrant leaves, used in flavorings and perfumes.
rose hip the fruit of the rose plant, which contains several smaller fruitlets and is usu. red in color.
rose mallow any of several plants related to mallow, esp. a tall North American marsh species that has downy leaves and bears large, showy, white or pink flowers.
rosemary a fragrant evergreen herb of the mint family originating in the Mediterranean region, the leaves of which are used as a seasoning and in perfumes and medicines.
rose of Jericho a fernlike desert plant of Asia that curls up tightly in dry conditions and expands again in moist ones.
rose of Sharon a tall, hardy shrub or small tree that bears bright bell-shaped flowers of pink, purple, or white. [2 definitions]