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round trip a trip to a given destination and back to the starting point.
roundup the herding of cattle for branding or shipping to market. [3 definitions]
round up to bring together; collect. [2 definitions]
roundworm a worm with a long, cylindrical, unsegmented body that is a parasite in mammal intestines.
rouse to waken from sleep, apathy, depression, or the like; arouse. [5 definitions]
roustabout a manual laborer on a wharf or ship's deck; longshoreman or deckhand. [3 definitions]
rout1 a disorderly and confused retreat of defeated troops. [5 definitions]
rout2 to root about with the snout, as swine. [5 definitions]
route a way, such as a road, by which persons travel or by which goods are shipped or delivered. [4 definitions]
router in computing, a device located where two or more networks meet that transmits and routes data from one network to another.
routine standard or customary procedure or course of action. [7 definitions]
routinely regularly; habitually.
roux a mixture of melted fat or oil and flour, usu. in equal proportions, used to thicken liquids such as gravy or soup.
rove to wander widely, without a fixed destination; roam. [3 definitions]
roven a past participle of reeve2.
rover one who roves; wanderer. [2 definitions]
row1 things or people arranged approximately in a straight line. [4 definitions]
row2 to cause a boat to move forward by means of oars. [6 definitions]
row3 (chiefly British) a loud or quarrelsome dispute. [2 definitions]
rowan a small mountain ash, native to Europe, that bears clusters of white flowers and red berries. [2 definitions]
rowboat a boat propelled by oars.