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rubbing the act of one that rubs. [2 definitions]
rubbish worthless, discarded material or objects; garbage; trash. [3 definitions]
rubble fragments of crumbled or crushed rock, masonry, or the like, as resulting from demolition. [2 definitions]
rubdown a massage, sometimes with oil, rubbing alcohol, or liniment.
Rube Goldberg designating a very complicated mechanism contrived to perform a simple task.
rub elbows to associate with; mix with socially.
rub elbows with mingle or associate with.
rubella see German measles.
Rubenesque of or like the paintings of Rubens, esp. in being sensual and opulent. [2 definitions]
rubeola measles. [2 definitions]
rubicund red in complexion; ruddy.
rubidium a highly reactive chemical element of the alkali metal group that has thirty-seven protons in each nucleus, that occurs naturally only in compounds with oxygen and other elements, but that can be isolated as a liquid or very soft solid metal. (symbol: Rb)
ruble the chief monetary unit of Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, equaling one hundred kopecks.
rubric a law, class, or category, or a title indicating it. [5 definitions]
rub the wrong way to irritate or annoy.
ruby a deep red gemstone, or something made of this stone. [4 definitions]
ruche a strip of pleated or gathered trim, as of lace or fine muslin, usu. used as a trimming for the neck or wrists of a dress.
ruching a ruche or ruches. [2 definitions]
rucksack a strong bag hung on the back from shoulder straps, used by hikers and mountain climbers; knapsack.
ruckus (informal) a noisy, often angry, disturbance; commotion or row.
ruction (informal) a noisy quarrel or other disturbance; ruckus.