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runner-up the person or team that finishes a competition in second place.
running the act or activity of one that runs. [7 definitions]
running board a narrow footboard or step along the sides and below the doors of some early automobiles and other vehicles.
running fire a rapid, continuous series of shots. [2 definitions]
running head a descriptive heading or title printed at the top of every, or every other, page of a publication.
running knot a slipknot.
running light any of various lights that a ship or aircraft traveling at night must display to signal its position and movement.
running mate a candidate for a political office that is closely associated with a more important office. [2 definitions]
running start see "flying start."
runny tending to flow, leak, or drip too much. [2 definitions]
runoff an additional trial, contest, or election, as to break a tie. [2 definitions]
run off to leave too early, or to leave quickly and suddenly. [3 definitions]
run-of-the-mill commonplace or mediocre; ordinary; unremarkable.
run-on of or designating that which is run on or appended, as in printing or printed matter. [3 definitions]
run-on sentence in writing, two or more sentences incorrectly constructed as one.
run out to use something to the point where there is nothing left even though it is still needed or desired (often fol. by "of"). [4 definitions]
run out of time to use up all the time that one has been given to complete a particular activity.
run over of a moving vehicle or a driver operating a moving vehicle, to hit and knock down (someone or something), causing serious injury or death. [2 definitions]
run riot to move, act, or grow without control.
runt an undersized or stunted animal, esp. the smallest of a litter, as of pigs or dogs. [2 definitions]
run the gauntlet to expose oneself to harsh criticism or attacks by multiple people, especially by being forced to proceed through two lines of attackers.