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sapper one who digs saps or does similar field excavation for military purposes.
Sapphic of or pertaining to Sappho. [3 definitions]
sapphire a precious gemstone that is usu. deep blue. [2 definitions]
sapphirine of, resembling, or consisting of sapphire. [3 definitions]
sapphism lesbianism.
Sappho a Greek female poet (early sixth century B.C.).
sappy full of or covered with sap. [3 definitions]
sapremia a type of blood poisoning; septicemia.
saprobic of or relating to organisms that are able to live in highly polluted water. [2 definitions]
saprogenic producing or produced by decay or decomposition.
sapropel black aquatic sludge deposited in some bodies of water as the result of the decay of organic matter.
saprophyte an organism, usu. a plant, that survives by consuming dead or decaying organic matter.
saprozoic of or designating the absorption of dissolved organic or inorganic material for nutrition, as by protozoans. [2 definitions]
sapsago a strong, firm cheese made from skim milk and flavored with sweet clover.
sapsucker either of two types of woodpecker native to North America that feed on the sap and insects of certain trees.
sapwood the newer, softer layers of wood, between the bark and the heartwood, that conduct water and sap in a tree.
Saqqara village in Egypt near Cairo that served as the site of burial grounds for rulers of ancient Egypt and is home to some of the oldest pyramids.
saraband a stately Spanish court dance in three-four time. [2 definitions]
Saracen a member of one of the Syrian tribes at the time of the Roman Empire.
Sarajevo a city in former Yugoslavia, where Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914, an event that precipitated World War I; capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
saran any of various thermoplastic resins obtained from vinyl compounds and used for wrapping and packaging, to make acid-resistant pipe fittings, and as a fiber in some heavy fabrics.