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Satan in Christian theology and Judaism, the embodiment of evil, adversary of humans, and rival of God, usu. identified with the fallen angel Lucifer; the Devil.
satang the smaller monetary unit of Thailand. (Cf. baht.)
satanic relating to or characteristic of Satan. [2 definitions]
Satanism the worship of Satan, esp. in a cult whose rituals distort and mock Christian worship.
satchel a small bag, often with a shoulder strap, used to carry books and other small articles.
sate to fill or satisfy (a hunger, or a person who has an appetite); satiate. [2 definitions]
sateen a glossy cotton or linen fabric that resembles satin.
satellite a heavenly body that revolves around a planet or other larger body; moon. [5 definitions]
satellite dish a dish antenna designed to receive and transmit electromagnetic signals relayed by satellite, commonly used to receive television signals broadcast by satellite.
satiable capable of being fully satisfied or satiated.
satiate to satisfy completely, as a hunger or desire. [3 definitions]
satiety the condition of being completely full or satisfied, often to excess; glut.
satin a smooth fabric that is shiny on one side and dull on the other. [2 definitions]
satinwood the smooth, hard, yellowish wood of a Southeast Asian tree, often used to make furniture. [3 definitions]
satire a literary or dramatic work that ridicules or derides human vice or foolishness, usu. through the use of parody or irony. [3 definitions]
satirical of, concerning, containing, or marked by satire. [2 definitions]
satirist one who engages in or writes satire.
satirize to portray as being ridiculous by using satire; deride or attack with satire.
satisfaction a feeling of fulfillment; pleasurable fullness and completion. [5 definitions]
satisfactory affording or giving enough to satisfy; adequate.
satisfied content. [3 definitions]