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sauerkraut shredded cabbage that has been salted and allowed to ferment in its own juices.
sauger a small North American freshwater fish with a spotted, bony dorsal fin.
Saul according to the Old Testament, the first king of Israel, who ruled in the eleventh century B.C. and united the tribes in fighting their common enemies, esp. the Philistines. [2 definitions]
sauna a type of steam bath developed in Finland, esp. one in which water is poured over hot rocks to produce steam. [2 definitions]
saunter to walk at an unhurried, leisurely pace; stroll. [2 definitions]
saurian of, concerning, resembling, or belonging to the group of reptiles that includes lizards. [2 definitions]
-saurus lizard (used in the scientific names of certain reptile genera).
sausage a meat preparation made by filling an animal intestine or similar casing with a seasoned mixture of minced beef, pork, or the like.
sauté cooked or fried in a small amount of hot fat. [3 definitions]
sauterne a sweet white French table wine.
sauvignon blanc (sometimes caps.) a white French grape used for making wines such as sauternes. [2 definitions]
savage ferocious and cruel; fierce. [9 definitions]
savagery the condition or quality of being savage. [2 definitions]
savanna a grassy plain with sparse tree growth, found in tropical or subtropical regions.
savant a person of deep learning; scholar. [2 definitions]
save1 to rescue from injury or danger. [10 definitions]
save2 with the exception of. [2 definitions]
save it for a rainy day to save money for future need, rather than spend it immediately.
save one's breath to avoid unnecessary discussion; refrain from speaking.
saving tending or serving to rescue or protect. [8 definitions]
savings an amount of money that a person saves.