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scarce in short supply; insufficient. [2 definitions]
scarcely just barely; by only a small margin. [2 definitions]
scarcity shortage; dearth. [2 definitions]
scare to frighten or startle (someone). [4 definitions]
scarecrow a large figure of a human being, usu. made from stuffed clothes and set up in a crop field to scare birds away. [2 definitions]
scared feeling fear; afraid.
scarf1 a usu. long and narrow woven or knitted garment worn around the neck, head, or shoulders. [2 definitions]
scarf2 the notched end of a piece of timber cut so it may be overlapped and joined with another piece. [4 definitions]
scarf3 (slang) to eat greedily or quickly (often fol. by "up" or "down").
scarify to make shallow cuts in (the skin). [4 definitions]
scarlatina a contagious disease occurring mainly in children, marked by a high fever and a scarlet rash; mild form of scarlet fever.
scarless combined form of scar.
scarlet a bright orangy red color. [4 definitions]
scarlet fever an acute contagious disease esp. affecting children, caused by streptococci and characterized by sore throat, fever, and a reddish rash.
scarlet letter formerly, a red letter "A" worn as a badge of shame by a convicted adulterer, as among U.S. Puritans.
scarlet runner a climbing tropical American vine that bears scarlet flowers and long pods with edible red-and-black seeds.
scarlet tanager a U.S. songbird, the male of which has a bright scarlet body with black wings and tail.
scarp a steep cliff formed by erosion or an abrupt movement of the earth's crust. [3 definitions]
scar tissue a dense fibrous layer of contracted connective tissue formed in the healing of a wound.
scarves a plural form of scarf.
scary causing fear; frightening.