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scarp a steep cliff formed by erosion or an abrupt movement of the earth's crust. [3 definitions]
scar tissue a dense fibrous layer of contracted connective tissue formed in the healing of a wound.
scarves a plural form of scarf.
scary causing fear; frightening.
scat1 (informal) to leave immediately (often used in the imperative).
scat2 improvisational jazz singing in which nonsense syllables are used instead of words, often with the effect of an instrument rather than a voice. [2 definitions]
scat3 animal excrement.
scathe to injure with criticism. [2 definitions]
scatheless combined form of scathe.
scathing harshly condemning; brutal. [2 definitions]
scatology extreme interest in excretion, excrement, or obscenity. [3 definitions]
scatter to cause to separate in all directions; disperse. [6 definitions]
scatterbrain someone unable to organize, concentrate on, or remember things; flighty person.
scattering going in many different directions; separating. [4 definitions]
scatter rug a small rug, usu. placed as needed on a bare floor, as in front of a chair or outer door.
scattershot broadly indiscriminate; random.
scaup either of two wild diving ducks of North America, the males of which have a blackish head and tail and a whitish back.
scavenge to look through in the hope of finding something usable. [4 definitions]
scavenger a person or thing that scavenges, esp. an animal that eats decaying flesh.
scavenger hunt a game in which persons or teams are sent out to acquire various items without buying them, the winner being whoever does so first.
scenario a detailed outline or summary of a play, film, or book. [3 definitions]