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sclerotic of or afflicted by sclerosis. [2 definitions]
scoff to speak with mild scorn or derision (often fol. by "at"). [2 definitions]
scofflaw one who habitually flouts or ignores laws or fails to pay penalties such as traffic fines.
scold to speak to with angry disapproval; reprimand; chastise. [3 definitions]
scollop variant of scallop.
sconce1 an ornamental wall bracket for a candle or light.
sconce2 a small fortification, as to protect a bridge or the like. [2 definitions]
scone a small, soft, usu. round bread or pastry made from oatmeal, barley meal, or the like.
scoop a utensil with a short handle and a long, deep, curved bowl, used to take up sugar, grain, or the like. [12 definitions]
scoopable combined form of scoop.
scoopful the amount that a scoop can or does hold.
scoot to go with a quick darting motion. [4 definitions]
scooter a child's two-wheeled vehicle with a vertical steering handle in front and along low footboard between the wheels. [3 definitions]
-scope an instrument or device for seeing or observing.
scope the breadth or range of one's view, thoughts, operation, or the like. [4 definitions]
scopolamine a thick alkaloid syrup used as a sedative or truth serum, or to dilate the pupil of the eye.
-scopy seeing; examining; observing (used in abstract nouns corresponding to nouns ending in "-scope").
scorbutic of, pertaining to, having the characteristics of, or diseased with scurvy.
scorch to burn slightly, esp. without setting aflame. [5 definitions]
scorcher a person or thing that scorches. [2 definitions]
scorching extremely hot; searing; burning. [2 definitions]