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Scotch terrier see Scottish terrier.
Scotch whisky whiskey that has been distilled in Scotland, usu. from malted barley.
Scotchwoman see Scotswoman.
scoter any of several large dark diving ducks of northern coastal waters.
scot-free entirely free from harm, punishment, or duty.
Scotland a division of the United Kingdom, comprising the northern part of Great Britain and nearby islands.
Scotland Yard the metropolitan police force of London, esp. the detective branch. [2 definitions]
scotopia normal vision in dim light. (Cf. photopia.)
Scots see Scottish.
Scotsman a man who is a native or inhabitant of Scotland, or a male of Scottish descent.
Scotswoman a woman who is a native or inhabitant of Scotland, or a female of Scottish descent.
Scotticism a characteristically Scottish pronunciation, figure of speech, or the like.
Scottie see Scottish terrier.
Scottish of or pertaining to Scotland or its people, culture, dialect, or the like; Scots; Scotch. [3 definitions]
Scottish deerhound any of a breed of tall, slender, dog with a wiry coat.
Scottish Gaelic the Celtic language of the Scottish Highlands and Hebrides.
Scottish terrier one of a breed of small terrier that originated in Scotland, with short legs, a blunt square muzzle, erect ears, and a dark wiry coat.
scoundrel a person who disregards morals or laws; villain.
scour1 to scrub energetically. [7 definitions]
scour2 to travel over, esp. while looking for something. [3 definitions]
scourge a whip used to punish people. [4 definitions]