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scowl to make one's brows contract in an expression of anger, gloom, displeasure, or the like; frown; glower. [3 definitions]
scrabble to grab for something in a disorganized or frantic fashion, with or as if with the hands or claws. [4 definitions]
scrabbly having or producing a scratchy sound. [2 definitions]
scrag a person or thing that is scrawny, stunted, or meager. [2 definitions]
scraggly uneven or unkempt; ragged.
scraggy thin or scrawny. [2 definitions]
scram1 (informal) to get out; go away immediately.
scram2 to stop the operation of (a nuclear power plant) because of an emergency such as a radiation leak. [2 definitions]
scramble to move hastily, esp. using both hands and feet to maintain one's balance or pull oneself along, as if on an incline or irregular ground. [10 definitions]
scrap1 a small bit or fragment, esp. a leftover or discarded piece. [6 definitions]
scrap2 (informal) a fight, esp. a physical fight; scuffle. [2 definitions]
scrapbook an album for saving photographs, newspaper clippings, and the like.
scrape to rub the surface of with something sharp or abrasive, as for cleaning or removing material. [13 definitions]
scraper any of numerous tools that are used for scraping.
scrapheap a pile of useless material, esp. rusted metal.
scraping the act of one that scrapes. [3 definitions]
scrap iron discarded objects or remnants of iron, to be remelted or reworked.
scrapple cornmeal mush mixed with pork scraps, dried in a roll or loaf, then sliced, fried, and served as a breakfast sausage.
scrappy1 consisting of bits and pieces; fragmentary, disconnected, or raggedy.
scrappy2 (informal) easily incited to fight or argue; combative; quarrelsome. [2 definitions]
scratch to mark or damage the surface of by scraping with or against something sharp. [22 definitions]