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scrappy1 consisting of bits and pieces; fragmentary, disconnected, or raggedy.
scrappy2 (informal) easily incited to fight or argue; combative; quarrelsome. [2 definitions]
scratch to mark or damage the surface of by scraping with or against something sharp. [22 definitions]
scratchboard a piece of cardboard that is covered with hard white clay or chalk and coated with ink, upon which line drawings can be made by scratching the ink to reveal the glossy white surface.
scratch line a line that marks the beginning point of a race. [2 definitions]
scratch sheet a racing publication listing the horses removed from races that day, and other pertinent information such as betting odds; dope sheet.
scratch test a test for allergy in which the skin is scratched and one or more suspected allergens are applied to the scratches, with eventual inflammation indicating an allergic reaction.
scratchy causing or making a sound as of scratching. [3 definitions]
scrawl to write or draw hastily or awkwardly. [2 definitions]
scrawny extremely thin; gaunt.
scream to make a shrill, piercing cry or sound. [6 definitions]
screamer one that screams. [3 definitions]
screaming producing or uttering screams. [4 definitions]
screech to make a harsh, shrill, grating cry or sound. [3 definitions]
screech owl any of various small American owls that have hornlike ear tufts and a harsh screeching cry.
screed a tiresomely long speech or essay; diatribe. [2 definitions]
screen a closely woven wire mesh used to filter liquid or grains or to keep insects from entering through windows. [8 definitions]
screenable combined form of screen.
screen door an outer door consisting of a frame fitted with fine wire or plastic mesh to keep insects out.
screening fine mesh material used for making window screens. [3 definitions]
screen memory in psychoanalysis, a recollection of early childhood that seems significant but actually masks a more profound related memory that remains repressed.