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SEC abbreviation of "Securities and Exchange Commission."
sec1 of wines, not sweet; dry.
sec2 (informal) a second, or very short time.
sec. abbreviation of "secretary." [2 definitions]
secant a line or line segment that intersects a curve at two or more points. [4 definitions]
secco a painting done on dry plaster, or the technique of such painting.
secede to quit an organization, a political or religious unit or alliance, or the like.
secession the action or an instance of seceding. [2 definitions]
secessionist one who secedes or advocates secession. [2 definitions]
Seckel pear a small, sweet, juicy, green or reddish pear.
seclude to cause to be kept away from other people or activity. [2 definitions]
secluded isolated or hidden away from view. [2 definitions]
seclusion the act of isolating or hiding away, or the condition of being thus secluded. [2 definitions]
second1 indicating rank or position between first and third. [8 definitions]
second2 a unit of time equal to one sixtieth of a minute. (abbr.: sec.) [3 definitions]
Second Advent see Second Coming.
secondary of second or lesser rank, importance, or value. [6 definitions]
secondary accent a stress accent that is not as strong as a primary accent; secondary stress. [2 definitions]
secondary emission the emission of electrons or electromagnetic radiation from a material that has been bombarded with electrons or ions.
secondary school a school that is intermediate between elementary school and college; junior high school or high school.
secondary sex characteristic any of the physical characteristics that differentiate the sexes from each other, such as facial hair or breast development, and that usu. appear at puberty and are not essential for reproduction.