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seed oyster a very young oyster, esp. one used in transplanting an oyster bed.
seed pearl a very small, often imperfect pearl, weighing less than one quarter of a gram.
seed plant any plant that bears seeds; spermatophyte.
seedpod the seed vessel of certain plants such as legumes, which, when mature, splits open.
seedsman a man who sows seeds. [2 definitions]
seedtime the season for planting seeds.
seed vessel see "pericarp."
seedy unkempt or shabby. [3 definitions]
see eye to eye to exactly agree.
seeing in view of the fact that; considering. [3 definitions]
Seeing Eye dog trademark for a dog trained by Seeing Eye, Inc., to guide blind people in walking about.
seek to try to find; search for. [4 definitions]
seek out to look for and find (someone or something).
seem to appear to be or do. [3 definitions]
seeming appearing to be as indicated; apparent. [2 definitions]
seemingly according to what seems or is perceived; apparently.
seemly in accord with decency and propriety; suitable; fitting; decorous. [3 definitions]
seen past participle of see1.
see off to accompany (someone) to a place of departure, such as an airport or bus station, in order to say goodbye.
seep to pass gradually through a porous substance. [3 definitions]
seer someone who predicts the future, esp. by supernatural means; prophet. [3 definitions]