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sego lily a lily native to the western United States that bears a bell-shaped flower and has an edible root.
segregate to separate or place apart from others or from the majority of a group, people, or the like; isolate. [6 definitions]
segregated practicing or characterized by segregation, esp. racial or ethnic segregation.
segregation an act of segregating, or the condition of being segregated, esp. as a policy imposing social separation according to racial or ethnic groups. [2 definitions]
segue to continue without a break into the next section or theme. [2 definitions]
seguidilla a lively, rhythmic Spanish dance to the accompaniment of castanets. [3 definitions]
seiche a prolonged oscillating wave in a lake, bay, or gulf caused by changes in atmospheric pressure or seismic disturbances such as earthquakes.
seidel a large beer mug, often with a hinged lid.
seigneur (sometimes cap.) a man of rank, esp. a feudal lord. [2 definitions]
seigneury in French Canada, the estate held by a seigneur.
seignior a noble or lord, esp. one in feudal times who controlled a fief.
seigniory the estate or manor of a seignior. [2 definitions]
seignorial of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a seignior.
Seine a river in northern France that flows through Paris and into the English Channel.
seine a net used for fishing that is suspended vertically in the water with weights at the bottom and floats at the top. [4 definitions]
seismic of, concerning, or resulting from an earthquake.
seismicity a measure of the frequency, magnitude, and distribution of earthquakes in a given area.
seismo- earthquake.
seismogram the chart made by a seismograph, esp. of an earthquake's tremor.
seismograph an apparatus for identifying earthquakes and measuring their strength and other characteristics.
seismology the scientific study of the causes, effects, and characteristics of earthquakes.