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senior citizen an elderly person, esp. one who is past the usual retirement age of sixty-five.
senior high school a secondary school comprising grades ten, eleven, and twelve, and sometimes grade nine; high school.
seniority the state of being senior. [2 definitions]
seniti the smaller monetary unit of Tonga. (Cf. pa'anga.)
senna any of various tropical plants whose dried leaves are used to produce a laxative effect. [2 definitions]
seņor (Spanish) a title equivalent to "Mr." or "Sir". [2 definitions]
seņora (Spanish) a title equivalent to "Mrs." or "Madam". [2 definitions]
seņorita (Spanish) a title equivalent to "Miss". [2 definitions]
sensation a perception by means of one of the sense organs. [5 definitions]
sensational producing or intended to produce intense excitement or interest, esp. by lurid or exaggerated elements. [3 definitions]
sensationalism language or subject matter intended to arouse amazement, curiosity, or morbid fascination. [2 definitions]
sense any of five ways to perceive, namely touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. [12 definitions]
senseless without sensation; unconscious. [3 definitions]
sense organ a specialized organ or structure of the body, such as an eye or taste bud, that receives stimuli and transmits them to the brain; receptor.
sense perception perception by bodily senses, such as sight and hearing, rather than by the intellect alone.
sensibility the ability to feel, sense, or perceive. [4 definitions]
sensible having or showing sound judgment. [4 definitions]
sensitive having the ability to sense. [7 definitions]
sensitive plant a tropical American plant, related to the mimosa, that bears tiny purple flowers in clusters and has leaflets that fold together at even a slight touch. [2 definitions]
sensitivity the quality, state, or condition of being sensitive. [3 definitions]
sensitivity training instruction in small-group relations, in which individuals seek a better awareness of themselves and others, using methods similar to group therapy.