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sense organ a specialized organ or structure of the body, such as an eye or taste bud, that receives stimuli and transmits them to the brain; receptor.
sense perception perception by bodily senses, such as sight and hearing, rather than by the intellect alone.
sensibility the ability to feel, sense, or perceive. [4 definitions]
sensible having or showing sound judgment. [4 definitions]
sensitive having the ability to sense. [7 definitions]
sensitive plant a tropical American plant, related to the mimosa, that bears tiny purple flowers in clusters and has leaflets that fold together at even a slight touch. [2 definitions]
sensitivity the quality, state, or condition of being sensitive. [3 definitions]
sensitivity training instruction in small-group relations, in which individuals seek a better awareness of themselves and others, using methods similar to group therapy.
sensitize to make or become sensitive.
sensor anything that is capable of registering physical quantities, as of light or temperature, and sending signals that indicate the level of the stimulus.
sensorimotor of, concerning, or involved in both sensory and motor impulses of an organism. [2 definitions]
sensorineural of, relating to, or involving sense perception mediated by sensory nerves (used esp. in reference to deafness caused by faulty sensory nerves).
sensory of or pertaining to the senses. [2 definitions]
sensual related to or pleasing to the senses, as of touch, taste, or smell. [4 definitions]
sensualism indulgence in sensual pleasures; sensuality. [2 definitions]
sensuality the quality or condition of being sensual. [2 definitions]
sensualize to make sensual.
sensuous of, concerning, perceived by, or appealing to the senses. [2 definitions]
sent past tense and past participle of send.
sentence a grammatically complete unit in either writing or speech, marked by a clear beginning and a full stop and usu. expressing an independent statement, question, command, or the like. [3 definitions]
sententious using or marked by pompous, high-flown moralizing. [3 definitions]