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sentient having the capacity to receive sensations; able to perceive.
sentiment an attitude or point of view regarding something. [3 definitions]
sentimental pertaining to or resulting from sentiment. [4 definitions]
sentimentality the quality or condition, or an instance, of being sentimental, esp. in an excessive or affected way. [2 definitions]
sentimentalize to act in a sentimental way. [2 definitions]
sentinel one that stands guard or watches; sentry. [2 definitions]
sentry a guard posted to prevent entry or exit by unauthorized persons, keep watch against dangers, or the like.
Seoul the capital of South Korea.
sepal one of the leaflike parts that enclose an unopened flower.
separable able to be separated.
separate to put or keep apart; disunite; part. [12 definitions]
separated of a married couple, living apart but not divorced. [2 definitions]
separately apart; not together; in a separate way.
separation the act of separating or condition of being separated. [4 definitions]
separation of power the division of authority among entities holding power, esp. among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the U.S. government.
separatist one who advocates or participates in the separation of a political, religious, or racial group from a larger group to which it has belonged.
separator someone or something that separates, such as a machine that separates cream from milk.
Sephardim European Jews who settled in Spain, Portugal, and northern Africa before the Inquisition, or their descendants. (Cf. Ashkenazim.)
sepia a brownish pigment usu. made from secretions of certain cuttlefish, or of the ink made from such a pigment. [2 definitions]
sepoy in India, formerly, a native soldier who served in a European army, esp. the British army.
seppuku hara-kiri.