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serrate having a notched or grooved edge; saw-toothed. [2 definitions]
serrated having notches or grooves in the edge, as a knife.
serration the condition of being serrated. [3 definitions]
serried crowded close together, esp. in rows.
serum the thin, watery fluid remaining when the solid components of blood have clotted. [3 definitions]
serum albumin the main protein found in blood plasma, serving to regulate osmotic pressure. [2 definitions]
serum globulin a protein component of blood serum chiefly containing antibodies.
serval a long-legged, spotted African wildcat, about the size of a bobcat.
servant one whose job is to work for another person or household, esp. one who does domestic chores, such as cooking and cleaning. [2 definitions]
servantless combined form of servant.
serve to give aid or help; be of use. [16 definitions]
serve one right to be something that one deserves, esp. some type of punishment or unhappy result.
server someone who serves. [4 definitions]
service the act or an instance of helping. [14 definitions]
serviceable able to be of service; usable. [2 definitions]
serviceberry the juneberry.
service break an instance of winning a game on the opponent's serve, as in tennis.
service entrance an entrance, often a back door, used by employees or tradespeople.
service line a boundary line that a person serving must not step over, as in handball. [2 definitions]
serviceman a man who is a member of the armed forces. [2 definitions]
service mark a symbol, word, design, slogan, or the like, used as identification by a particular company that supplies a service such as insurance, laundry, or transportation.