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shears (sometimes used with a sing. verb) a large scissorlike tool, or an electric shaver, esp. for shearing sheep.
shearwater any of various long-winged black or black-and-white sea birds that, when flying low, appear to skim the water with their wings.
sheath a tightfitting case for the blade of a sword, knife, or the like. [3 definitions]
sheathe to put (a sword, knife, or the like) into a sheath. [2 definitions]
sheathing an outer layer or covering of boards, plywood, or other material applied to the frame of a house, underneath the outermost, weatherproof siding. [4 definitions]
sheath knife a knife with a fixed blade that is carried in a sheath.
sheave1 to collect and tie (grain, paper, or the like) into a sheaf or sheaves.
sheave2 a wheel with a grooved rim for holding a rope or wire, esp. such a wheel used as a pulley.
sheaves1 pl. of sheaf.
sheaves2 pl. of sheave2.
shebang (informal) an occasion, situation, organization, contrivance, or the like, considered as a whole.
shed1 a simple, usu. one-story structure used for storage or shelter, or as a workshop, and either free-standing or attached to another building.
shed2 to cast off, take off, or let fall (a covering or growth). [7 definitions]
she'd contracted form of "she had". ; contracted form of "she would".
shed blood to kill, or to wound someone by violence so as to cause bleeding.
sheen a quality or condition of shininess or lustrousness; brightness.
sheeny (derogatory slang) a Jew.
sheep any of various grazing mammals, related to goats but of stockier build, that are commonly kept in flocks for their wool, meat, or skin. [2 definitions]
sheep-dip any liquid disinfectant used to kill vermin in the fleece of sheep before shearing.
sheepdog any dog trained or bred to herd and guard sheep.
sheepherder one who tends or herds a flock of sheep, esp. in open country; shepherd.