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sheeny (derogatory slang) a Jew.
sheep any of various grazing mammals, related to goats but of stockier build, that are commonly kept in flocks for their wool, meat, or skin. [2 definitions]
sheep-dip any liquid disinfectant used to kill vermin in the fleece of sheep before shearing.
sheepdog any dog trained or bred to herd and guard sheep.
sheepherder one who tends or herds a flock of sheep, esp. in open country; shepherd.
sheepish showing embarrassment, as from becoming aware of having done something foolish or stupid.
sheepman a man who raises or breeds sheep, esp. commercially.
sheepshank a type of knot used to shorten a rope temporarily.
sheepshead a large edible fish, found in north Atlantic coastal waters, that has a deep black-striped body and a large head. [3 definitions]
sheepskin the skin of a sheep, or leather made from it, esp. with the wool intact. [3 definitions]
sheep tick a wingless, bloodsucking fly that feeds on sheep's blood.
sheer1 transparently thin or fine. [4 definitions]
sheer2 to swerve or cause to swerve from a course. [2 definitions]
sheet1 a large rectangular article of bedding, usually of cotton or linen. [6 definitions]
sheet2 a cord, rope, or chain attached to one or both lower corners of a sail, for the purpose of moving it. [2 definitions]
sheet anchor a large spare anchor, carried for use in an emergency. [2 definitions]
sheet bend a knot that joins two ropes or the like by passing the end of one around and through a bight in the other.
sheeting wide cotton or linen fabric used esp. for making sheets. [3 definitions]
sheet lightning lightning reflected and diffused, often by a distant thunderstorm, that flashes like a sheet of light in the sky.
sheet metal metal that has been rolled into thin sheets or plates.
sheet music music printed on loose or unbound sheets of paper.