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sheweth (archaic) shows.
she-wolf a female wolf.
shew'th (archaic) shows (contracted form of "sheweth").
Shiah the Shiites, the main minority sect of Islam. [2 definitions]
shiatsu a Japanese method of massage that uses the principles of acupressure.
shibboleth a slogan, phrase, or belief that characterizes or is held devotedly by a group. [2 definitions]
shied past tense and past participle of shy1.
shield a piece of protective armor, made of any of various tough materials, usu. worn on the forearm to ward off missiles or blows from hand weapons. [7 definitions]
shier a comparative of shy1.
shiest a superlative of shy1.
shift to change position or direction, or to move from one place to another. [12 definitions]
shiftable combined form of shift.
shiftless having little or no purpose or ambition; lazy.
shifty not sincere, honest, or trustworthy; evasive or tricky. [2 definitions]
Shih Tzu any of a breed of very small dog native to China, having long hair, a short muzzle, and a hairy tail that curves forward.
Shiite a member of the Shiah sect of Islam, which does not accept the Sunna as authoritative and considers Muhammad's son-in-law Ali to be the legitimate successor to Muhammad. (Cf. Sunnite.)
shikari in India, a person who hunts large game, esp. one who serves as a professional guide.
shiksa (usu. derogatory) a non-Jewish woman or girl.
shillelagh in Ireland, a club, esp. of blackthorn or oak wood; cudgel.
shilling the chief monetary unit of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda, equaling one hundred cents. [3 definitions]
shilly-shally to be indecisive; waver; vacillate; hesitate.