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show-stopper a performer or part of a performance that stops, or is expected to stop, the progress of a show because of prolonged applause.
show the white feather to act in a cowardly fashion.
show up to arrive at a place.
show window a store window for displaying merchandise; display window.
showy visually striking. [2 definitions]
shoyu (Japanese) soy sauce.
shrank a past tense of shrink.
shrapnel metal fragments scattered by an exploding shell, bomb, or the like. [2 definitions]
shred a long strip that is torn or cut off, or nearly torn off. [3 definitions]
shredder a machine used to shred documents, esp. secret or private ones. [2 definitions]
shrew any of several small insectivorous mammals related to moles that have a long, pointed snout and tiny eyes. [2 definitions]
shrewd displaying good judgment and foresight; cunning; astute.
shrewish like a shrew; nagging or ill-tempered.
shriek a loud shrill cry, such as the call of certain birds or a human outcry of fear, joy, or surprise. [4 definitions]
shrike any of several predatory songbirds that have a strong hooked bill and feed on insects and small birds and animals, which they sometimes impale on thorns or other sharp objects.
shrill having, producing, or characterized by a high piercing sound. [4 definitions]
shrimp any of several small, mostly saltwater shellfish with long tails and five pairs of walking legs, or any of various similar shellfish, many of which are edible. [6 definitions]
shrine a place or object, such as an altar or tomb, considered sacred and devoted to some holy person or deity. [3 definitions]
shrink to contract or decrease in size, as from moisture, heat, or cold. [7 definitions]
shrinkable combined form of shrink.
shrinkage an act or instance or the process of shrinking. [2 definitions]