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simple fraction a fraction having whole numbers for both numerator and denominator.
simple fracture a bone fracture that does not tear through the skin or result in loose fragments.
simple-hearted lacking sophistication, guile, or artfulness.
simple interest interest computed on principal only, rather than on accrued interest plus principal. (Cf. compound interest.)
simple machine any of various devices that function in a manner basic to any machine, such as a lever, pulley, wedge, screw, or inclined plane.
simpleminded not complex or sophisticated. [3 definitions]
simple sentence a sentence that has only one clause, such as "Early in the morning we waited for the bus".
simpleton one who is silly, dull-witted, or easily tricked; fool.
simplicity the quality or condition or an instance of being simple. [3 definitions]
simplify to make plainer, easier, or less complex.
simplistic excessively simplified, as to be unrealistic.
simply in a simple, straightforward manner; clearly. [4 definitions]
simulacrum a likeness or semblance of something. [2 definitions]
simulate to imitate or reproduce the appearance, sound, or other external characteristics or qualities of. [2 definitions]
simulation the act or process of pretending or imitating. [3 definitions]
simulator a device, machine, or computer that produces, as realistically as possible, an environment or certain conditions for training or experimentation.
simulcast a simultaneous broadcast of a program on both television and radio. [2 definitions]
simultaneous existing, occurring, or done at the same general time or at the same moment.
simultaneously at the very same time.
sin1 violation of religious law. [4 definitions]
sin2 the name of the twenty-first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.