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single-digit of or pertaining to a number or quantity between zero and ten.
single entry a system of bookkeeping in which each transaction is entered only once, either as a debit or a credit. (Cf. double entry.)
single file a single line of people or things placed one behind the other.
single-foot the fast pace of a horse in which the legs move in pairs at each side but not quite at the same time; rack. [2 definitions]
single-handed performed or accomplished without assistance. [3 definitions]
single-handedly alone and without assistance.
single-hearted marked by honesty and sincerity; dedicated.
singlemember election an election in which people vote for a candidate to represent their particular legislative district within a larger representative body made up of members selected by voters of various districts. National and state legislators in the United States are elected through single-member elections.
single-minded committed to a single goal or purpose. [2 definitions]
single-origin of or relating to a substance obtained from a single area or source.
singles bar a bar that serves as a meeting place for young, unmarried people.
single-space to type (copy) leaving no blank space between typed lines.
single standard a single set of rules or ethics that apply to all individuals, such as a moral code for both men and women. (Cf. double standard.) [2 definitions]
singlestick a fencing stick that is fitted with a hand guard, or the sport or exercise of fencing with such a stick.
single tax a tax, as on real estate, that provides the entire revenue of a tax-levying entity.
single ticket (chiefly British) a ticket that allows a person to travel only outward to a given destination; one-way ticket.
singleton something that occurs or appears singly.
singletree a wooden bar that connects a wagon, plow, or the like to an animal's harness; whiffletree.
singly one by one; individually.
singsong a regular, repetitive tonal rise and fall of the voice. [3 definitions]
singular extraordinary or exceptional. [5 definitions]