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sinless being without or free from sin; innocent.
sinner a person who sins or does wrong.
Sinn Fein a militant nationalist organization founded in Ireland about 1905 to promote political and economic independence, and now promoting the unification of Ireland.
Sino- Chinese.
Sinology the study of Chinese language, culture, history, and the like.
Sino-Tibetan a family of languages that are spoken in central and southeastern Asia, including Tibetan, Burmese, and others.
sinsemilla a powerful type of marijuana produced from seedless female hemp plants.
sinuate bending or winding in and out; sinuous. [3 definitions]
sinuous with many curves or turns; winding. [3 definitions]
sinus any of various bodily cavities, recesses, or channels, esp. those in the skull bone that connect with the nasal cavities. [2 definitions]
sinusitis inflammation of the nasal sinus linings.
sinusoidal of or relating to a sine wave.
sinusoidal projection an equal-area map projection of the entire earth in which all lines of latitude are shown as straight lines and all lines of longitude as curved.
-sion act or process, or result of (such) an act or process. [2 definitions]
Sion variant of Zion.
Siouan a family of North American Indian languages of central and eastern North America. [3 definitions]
Sioux a member of a group of American Indian peoples of the northern plains of the United States and of southern Canada, esp. the Dakota. [2 definitions]
sip to drink slowly and a little at a time. [3 definitions]
siphon a tube or pipe used to suck a liquid over the top of its container and into a lower one by means of air pressure. [3 definitions]
siphon bottle a sealed bottle having a tube through the neck that is connected at the top with a valve that controls the flow of the pressurized carbonated water in the bottle.
siphonophore any of various transparent or colored marine hydrozoans, including the Portuguese man-of-war.