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skin flick (slang) a film that emphasizes nudity and explicit sex.
skinflint a stingy person; miser.
skin game any dishonest or fraudulent scheme or trick; swindle.
skin grafting a surgical transplanting of skin to replace skin that is destroyed.
skinhead (slang) one who is bald or has a shaved head. [2 definitions]
skink any of numerous mostly small lizards that have a long shiny body and short legs.
skinless having no skin or casing.
skinned having the skin removed.
skinner a person who sells animal skins or prepares animal skins for selling. [3 definitions]
Skinner box a box or enclosure used in laboratories in which animal responses to certain stimuli are conditioned by rewards and punishments.
skinny extremely thin and bony. [2 definitions]
skinny-dip (informal) to swim without clothing; swim nude. [2 definitions]
skin test any test for an allergy or disease by which a test substance is applied to the skin for a reaction.
skintight fitting very closely to the body.
skip to jump forward lightly by sliding and hopping on each foot alternately. [10 definitions]
ski pants pants that fit closely at the ankles, worn for winter sports.
skip count in mathematics education, to name every other number when counting; count by twos.
skipjack any of various food fishes that leap above the surface of the water, such as the bluefish, bonito, or tuna.
skiplane an airplane with skis for landing on and taking off from snow.
ski pole a slender pole with a disk near the lower end and a strap or grip at the top for the hand, used in pairs by skiers.
skipper1 the master or captain, esp. of a ship. [2 definitions]