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sledgehammer a large, heavy, long-handled hammer, usu. held with both hands, that is used for such tasks as driving posts into the ground. [2 definitions]
sleek smooth or shiny. [4 definitions]
sleep to be in a state of bodily rest that is characterized by full or partial loss of consciousness and a slowing of bodily functions. [9 definitions]
sleeper a person or thing that sleeps. [3 definitions]
sleeping the state or condition of being asleep. [4 definitions]
sleeping bag a large, usu. zippered bag that is warmly lined, in which a person can sleep outdoors.
sleeping car a railroad car that is equipped with sleeping accommodations.
sleeping pill a pill or tablet containing a drug that induces sleep.
sleeping sickness a usu. fatal infectious disease found in tropical Africa, characterized by fever, weakness, and tremors, and transmitted by tsetse flies. [2 definitions]
sleepless passed without sleep. [2 definitions]
sleep mode a power-saving mode of operation to which a computer or other machine reverts when idle, in which power to the display and to other nonessential parts of operation is deactivated.
sleep tight to sleep well or soundly.
sleepwalking the act of walking around during sleep; somnambulism.
sleepwear clothes worn in bed; nightclothes.
sleepy needing or tending to sleep; drowsy. [2 definitions]
sleepyhead (informal) someone who is sleepy.
sleet freezing rain. [2 definitions]
sleeve the part of a shirt, dress, or the like that covers the arm partly or completely. [3 definitions]
sleeveless combined form of sleeve.
sleigh a light horse-drawn cart on runners that is used to carry people over snow and ice. [2 definitions]
sleight cleverness, as in deception; deftness.