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snap bean see string bean.
snap-brim hat a hat with the crown creased lengthwise and a flexible brim, usu. turned down in front.
snapdragon a garden plant that is cultivated for its decorative, colorful spikes of flowers.
snapper any of numerous large sea fishes, such as the red snapper, that inhabit warm waters and are valued for food and sport. [2 definitions]
snapping turtle any of several large freshwater turtles with powerful hooked jaws and a rough shell.
snappish apt to speak impatiently or sharply; irritable. [2 definitions]
snappy quick, rapid, or sudden. [4 definitions]
snapshot a photograph taken with a small ordinary camera.
snare1 a trap, usu. consisting of a noose, for catching small animals and birds. [4 definitions]
snare2 any of the adjustable strings or wires that are stretched over the bottom skin of a snare drum.
snare drum a small double-headed drum fitted with snares, or wires, stretched across the lower head that make a rattling or reverberating sound.
snarl1 of a dog or other animal, to growl in a threatening or vicious way, esp. with bared teeth. [5 definitions]
snarl2 a tangle or mat, esp. of hair, thread, fishing line, or the like. [5 definitions]
snatch to seize or try to seize something, esp. with a quick or sudden movement (usu. fol. by at). [8 definitions]
snatchy happening in, consisting of, or characterized by snatches; disconnected; spasmodic or irregular.
snazzy (slang) attractive, stylish; flashy.
sneak to move quietly and stealthily. [4 definitions]
sneaker a cloth sports shoe with a sole made of rubber or similar material.
sneaking underhanded, furtive, or stealthy. [3 definitions]
sneak preview a single advance screening of a motion picture, usu. done to evaluate the reaction of the audience.
sneak thief a burglar who enters without breaking in, usu. through an open door or window.