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snazzy (slang) attractive, stylish; flashy.
sneak to move quietly and stealthily. [4 definitions]
sneaker a cloth sports shoe with a sole made of rubber or similar material.
sneaking underhanded, furtive, or stealthy. [3 definitions]
sneak preview a single advance screening of a motion picture, usu. done to evaluate the reaction of the audience.
sneak thief a burglar who enters without breaking in, usu. through an open door or window.
sneaky of or like a sneak; furtive or underhanded.
sneer to smile or move one's mouth in a scornful way, esp. by curling the upper lip. [5 definitions]
sneeze to release a sudden, involuntary burst of air through the mouth and nose, often because of a nasal irritation. [2 definitions]
sneeze at (informal) to treat lightly or with scorn.
snell a short piece of monofilament or the like used to attach a fishhook to a fishing line.
snick to nick, snip, or cut slightly. [6 definitions]
snicker to laugh in a sly, partly suppressed way. [3 definitions]
snide insulting in a derisive way; maliciously sarcastic.
sniff to take in short, audible breaths of air through the nose. [7 definitions]
sniffle to sniff continually, usu. to relieve congestion caused by a cold or by weeping. [3 definitions]
sniffy disposed to sniff, as in contempt or arrogance; disdainful.
snifter a drinking glass with a narrow top and pear shape, used esp. for brandy and cognac.
snigger variant of snicker.
snip to cut or clip with short, quick strokes of shears, scissors, or the like. [6 definitions]
snipe any of a variety of wading birds with long bills for digging. [5 definitions]