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snowbound unable to move or travel because of a heavy snowfall.
snow bunting a small bird of cold northern regions with predominantly white feathers.
snowcap a caplike crown of snow, as on a mountain or ridge.
snow cone a confection served in a paper cone and made of crushed ice covered by flavored syrup.
snowdrift a heap or bank of snow created by the wind.
snowdrop a herbaceous plant that grows from a bulb and bears hanging, white flowers in early spring.
snowfall an accumulation of fallen snow. [2 definitions]
snow fence a temporary fence of thin slats joined by wire, used to control drifting snow.
snowfield a wide, fairly permanent expanse of snow, as at the head of a glacier.
snowflake a single flake of snow.
snow goose a wild white or bluish-gray goose with black wing tips that breeds in northern regions.
snow in to make people not able to go out because of a large amount of snow.
snow job (slang) an attempt to persuade or deceive by using flattery or exaggeration.
snow leopard a large, long-haired white feline mammal with dark blotches in its fur, found in central Asia.
snowless combined form of snow.
snow line the lower boundary of an area that is covered permanently with snow, as on mountains.
snowman a figure, roughly resembling a man, made of packed snow.
snowmobile a small powered vehicle that is capable of traveling through or over snow.
snow-on-the-mountain a plant found in central North America that bears small white flowers and has white-margined upper leaves.
snow pants pants made of water-resistant fabric, often having an attached bib and shoulder straps, worn especially during play activities in snow.
snow pea a variety of pea with flat, edible pods.