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Sodium Pentothal trademark for thiopental.
sodium thiosulfate a white crystalline compound, used as a fixing agent in photography, and as a bleach and antichlor; sodium hyposulfite, hyposulfite, or hypo.
sodium-vapor lamp an electric lamp used for lighting highways and streets, containing sodium and neon and giving off a yellow light.
Sodom according to the Old Testament, a city of ancient Palestine that was destroyed by God because of the wickedness of its inhabitants. [2 definitions]
Sodomite an inhabitant of Sodom. [2 definitions]
sodomize to subject to any sexual intercourse held to be abnormal, such as bestiality or anal intercourse.
sodomy anal or oral copulation. [2 definitions]
-soever any of all those (persons, objects, places, times, means, or the like) that are possible (used after who, what, where, when, and how for added emphasis or generalizing force).
soever in any way or case; to any extent or degree (usu. prec. by "how", often with an intervening word).
sofa a long upholstered seat with arms and a back; couch.
sofa bed a sofa that can be converted into a bed.
so far up to this point; up to the present moment.
so far so good no problems yet.
soffit the underside of an architectural feature such as an eave, beam, or arch.
Sofia the capital of Bulgaria.
soft easily yielding to pressure ; not firm or hard ; pliable. [12 definitions]
softball a type of baseball played on a smaller field with a larger, softer ball that is usu. pitched underhand. [2 definitions]
soft-boiled of an egg, boiled so that the yolk or white remains soft. (Cf. hard-boiled.) [2 definitions]
soft chancre a chancroid.
soft coal see "bituminous coal."
soft-core depicting sexual acts in a suggestive rather than explicit manner. (Cf. hard-core.)