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sorrel1 a light brown or reddish brown color. [2 definitions]
sorrel2 any of various plants that have sharp-tasting leaves sometimes used in salad, soup, or the like. [2 definitions]
sorrow the suffering or distress resulting from an injury, loss, misfortune, or the like; grief; sadness. [4 definitions]
sorrowful experiencing sorrow; sad. [3 definitions]
sorry feeling regret, pity, sympathy, or the like. [5 definitions]
sort kind; class. [5 definitions]
sorta contraction of "sort of" used in some kinds of writing to reflect how the two words are often pronounced in rapid, informal speech (used as an adverb).
sortable combined form of sort.
sortie an assault made by a besieged military force against its attackers. [3 definitions]
sort of to some degree or in some way; kind of; rather.
SOS a call or signal for help, esp. by the use of the Morse code symbols for these letters, as from a ship in distress (considered by some to be an abbreviation for "save our ship" or "save our souls").
so-so neither very bad nor very good; passable; mediocre. [2 definitions]
sostenuto in a sustained manner, with each note held for its full time value (used as a musical direction). [2 definitions]
sot one who is often drunk; drunkard.
so that used to introduce a clause showing purpose or reason.
so to speak figuratively speaking; in a manner of speaking.
sotted besotted or stupefied, as with drink.
sottish stupefied from drinking too much; drunk. [2 definitions]
sotto voce in a low voice or undertone, so as not to be overheard; softly (often used as a musical direction).
sou any of various coins formerly in circulation in France.
souari any of several trees of tropical South America that bear large edible nuts and are used as timber.