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social work work that promotes the well-being of society, as by assisting the underprivileged or disadvantaged.
societal of or pertaining to society.
society a community or group of people who live in the same country or area and are linked with each other by such things as laws and customs. [7 definitions]
Society of Friends a Christian sect founded in England about 1650, which has no formal rituals or priesthood, and which opposes violence, esp. war, and the taking of oaths. (See Quaker.)
Society of Jesus see Jesuit.
socio- society; social.
sociobiology the scientific study of human and animal social behavior based on the theory that such behavior is genetic to some degree.
socioeconomic of, relating to, or characterizing the social and economic aspects of something.
sociological of or concerning sociology. [2 definitions]
sociology the scientific study of human society, esp. its origins, development, organization, and behavioral patterns.
sociopath a person, such as a psychopath, whose behavior is aggressively antisocial or deviant.
sociopolitical involving both social and political elements.
sock1 a covering for the foot made of a woven or knitted material and extending to a point between the ankle and knee. [2 definitions]
sock2 (informal) to hit or strike hard, esp. with a fist. [2 definitions]
sock cymbal a high-hat.
socket a cavity or opening in which something is fitted or inserted, such as a receptacle in a wall, designed to receive electric plugs. [3 definitions]
socket wrench a box wrench with a rounded socket that fits over a nut or bolt of a particular size and shape.
sockeye salmon an edible red-fleshed salmon found in the coastal waters of the North Pacific.
sock it to someone (slang) to deliver a devastating criticism or blow to someone.
Socrates an Athenian philosopher (469?-399 B.C.).
Socratic method a method, used by Socrates, of teaching, arguing, or discussing in which a series of questions and answers is used to test definitions, clarify concepts, elicit admissions, or the like.